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Dear visitor,

Welcome to the world of Marjan.

I like to display my development as a painter on  a regular basis, and so this will be a dynamic website with continuous change.

You will find over time more :
paintings, drawings,
political  cartoons, photographs,
and work made on demand such as murals.
You will find recent work as well as work from earlier periods in my life.

About drawing:
From childhood, I have been drawing anything that has impressed my mind or my eye,  for example:
- my teachers,  sleeping people in trains,  portraits, musicians playing, fantasies, caricatures and cartoons, conflict situations, illustrations .

By drawing from real life, I connect with the subject and train myself to capture  shapes quickly.  I  like to draw in any situation.  I love graphite and charcoal and ink pen, the direct basic instruments. 

About painting:
Painting is a different piece of cake.
It needs  a plan, a "seed",  time for  organizing  and preparation. It needs quiet  space. It is a much slower process, more intensive over longer time. There is an enormous beauty in a big white studio with ceiling lights , a nude model on a platform and the sound of SILENCE of 14 painters , concentrated at work for 2 hours. 

De Vrije Academie .
 In  january 2009 I joined the Painting Department of the  VRIJE ACADEMIE in the Hague.  I was lucky to participate with a very dedicated group of painters, having very different styles.  Weekly we painted nude models for  about 14 months. We discussed our work. We stimulated each other. The result is an exhibition of this very special group of people  from May 8th till May 25th, 2010.  (See Actual below.)  The enormous differences of interpretation of the same models is stunning.
Our fantastic guide for  these 14 months was Bill Boogaart.

Recently I took a one-week course in  web-building from a very talented  young artist from Brazil, Fernando Rabelo. This website is the  result.  I am very grateful for his support.


 Painting group Nude studies of the Vrije Academie
                           From 8 May to 25 May 2010

      Gallery  Haagse Kunstkring
      Denneweg 64
      The Hague

I will update this welcome letter regularly, so please return to see it.
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